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My blogging began on a family vacation back in 2008. I started with notes on a legal pad as we sat in a traffic making our way back from Disney World in Florida. I was a little tired of one kid wanting the air conditioner turned down while another wanted the radio turned up. Well, six years later, I'm still making notes on different topics, whether it be talking about my stepson's no-pants vacation or my decision not to have biological children.

But I'm so pleased to report that these little notes and stories that I throw out on the blog, Twitter and Facebook have resulted in new relationships that I could not have foreseen when I started. Last fall, I was offered the opportunity to write for,, where I specialize in writing about stepfamilies and co-parenting. Moreover, due to your support, I was recognized as a top stepparenting blogger by

Many thanks to all of you for reading my "notes" and supporting my goal of reaching out to stepfamilies. I intend to continue my best efforts in that regard.


Gara Hoke Lacy

"Suddenly Stepmom"

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