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Stepfamily Terms Cheat Sheet!

If you are following any stepfamily sites on the web including Facebook or Twitter, you may be surprised by all of the abbreviations that abound. KWIM? Abbreviating is easy speak when you need to say it all–especially in 140 character or less. The list below may make reading, tweeting and/or blogging somewhat easier. Your very own cheat sheet! HTH!

  • SM stepmom, stepmother

  • SMOM stepmom

  • SD stepdad

  • SF stepfather

  • BF boyfriend, birth father, biological father

  • BD birth dad, biological dad

  • BM birth mom, biological mom

  • SD stepdaughter

  • SS stepson

  • SK stepkid

  • SKIDS stepkids

  • SO significant other

  • SC stepcouple

  • DH dear husband

  • DW dear wife

  • DD dear daughter

  • DS dear son

  • DSD dear stepdaughter

  • DSS dear stepson

  • EX the ex wife or girlfriend

  • FH future husband

  • FIL father in law

  • MIL mother in law

  • BIL brother in law

  • SIL sister in law

  • CS child support

  • CP custodial parent

  • NCP non custodial parent

  • PAS parental alienation syndrome

  • SAHM stay at home mom

  • IMHO in my humble/honest opinion

  • KWIM know what I mean?

  • HTH hope that helps

  • LOL laugh out loud

  • PIOG posted in other groups

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