August 16, 2018

Tell us about your blended family.

Randy and I have been married 23 years (in October). When we married, we each brought 2 children to the marriage. My girls were 3 and 5 and his kids (son and daughter) were 5 and 10. We both had custody of our kids and quickly learned...

August 16, 2018

Y'all, I don't usually write this "off the cuff." But I have been feeling the anger lately. Maybe more rage actually. Stuff is happening. Outside my home. Inside my home. And it makes me feel unsettled. Unfettered. Just getting by.

I sometimes see these feelings manifes...

August 9, 2018

Veteran stepmom, Gayla Grace, a well-respected writer and coach in the stepmom community, is the author of the newly released “Stepparenting with Grace: A Devotional for Blended Families.” Those of you active in the online stepmom community know that Gayla has a heart...

June 27, 2018

As I checked the local news, one story in particular caught my eye. The headline read, “Jackson County sets up two safe exchange spots.” Proposed by an employee in the county prosecutor’s office who believed a safe exchange place would have been beneficial in her perso...

June 6, 2018

 A couple of weeks ago I shared this photo for a previous blog post. It's a family photo from my stepson's recent medical school graduation. But I failed to tell the story behind this photo.

Along with my stepson, husband, two stepdaughters and their husbands,...

May 21, 2018

Ladies, we are now post Mother's Day and Stepmother's Day! If you're active on social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, you know that we've been talking about these two holidays. How do you feel about these holidays? Do you feel pressure? Does the fact that the...

April 16, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my stepdad on the phone. It was a lengthy conversation. We discussed lots of things, some of them regarding questionable things that were happening with some people in his life. At the end of the conversation, he said, “You know...

March 8, 2018

No matter where you are in your stepmom journey, you likely still have encounters that cause you annoyance, anger or resentment. Don’t despair. You aren’t alone! But simply having stepmom triggers does not mean that your family will suffer. Identifying your triggers an...

January 17, 2018

Everyone is on their own faith journey. God is working on each of us in His own way, in His own time. So we shouldn't be surprised when some aren't following the same rules as we are. Maybe we aren't where they are. Maybe they aren't where we are. But that's no matter....

December 13, 2017

It was the best man toast profound enough to make People Magazine. 

“The day has come that this man is getting married. I’m not too sure how I feel about all of it,” Jaydon Rabatin said. “Don’t get me wrong. I love Brie. Isn’t she the most beautiful bride? But this mean...

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