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Disney 2018 family vacation!

See all of those beautiful people in the picture? They actually enjoyed a family trip to Disney World (and other related parks) and lived to tell about it!

The family above is mine. And yes, we all stayed in the same house. Me, my husband, our son, two daughters and their husbands, a baby, my mom, my stepdad, my sister, my niece...and not quite evident (a baby on the way). Yes, it's a lot of people. Yes, it was chaotic and exhausting. And yes, we wore matching shirts. (Thanks to Sarah (stepdaughter) and Cheryl (my mom)).

In case you haven't guessed, I'm quite proud of the family that we've established. I came from a stepfamily and upon marrying my husband, created one of my own. No we are not perfect. But we enjoy one another. We celebrate together. We mourn together. We laugh, we love, we cry. Someday when I am gone, this little village will continue niece will have memories of hanging out with her cousins at Disney. She will be able to remind my granddaughter of her first "It's a Small World" ride. Perhaps when they take their kids to Disney World one day, they will dig out those shirts and say, "Remember when..."

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