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Book Review: "Stepparenting with Grace"

Veteran stepmom, Gayla Grace, a well-respected writer and coach in the stepmom community, is the author of the newly released “Stepparenting with Grace: A Devotional for Blended Families.” Those of you active in the online stepmom community know that Gayla has a heart for stepfamilies. However, those of you who have not had the privilege of reading her writing and seeing her faith in action have a treat in store. She has done the hard work and is here to help those in the stepfamily trenches. Though my own stepchildren are now adults, I find that the concepts and values in these devotions can still be applied in my daily life as I continue to influence in my role as a stepmom, not just with our own children, but with the greater stepparenting community.

Realizing that blended family dynamics are complicated and the demands are many, Gayla set out to write a devotional that could provide both a soothing salve and a holy nudge of daily encouragement for the thousands of other stepparents navigating the rocky terrain of creating a blended family. Beautifully written and easy to understand, each devotion focuses on a separate stepfamily issue throughout each of the 90 devotions. Whether you are questioning your calling as a stepparent, dealing with the angst of co-parenting, or discussing an “our” baby in your family, Gayla speaks to the importance of placing God first in your decision-making process and assures readers that keeping an eye on the long view is the vision for Christians. With a range of sources including famed authors and poets, coaching clients and her own life experiences, Gayla provides heartfelt, meaningful commentary on what grace looks like in a stepfamily.

Through scriptural support and the wisdom gleaned from her own experiences as a stepmother, Gayla offers much-needed companionship, encouragement, and understanding, along with biblical inspiration stepparents desperately need. She understands that the dynamics of a traditional family don't come close to the complications of stepfamily life. Whether used as a tool singularly, as a couple, or as part of a larger communal group, this devotional will comfort you in your role as a stepparent. It provides insightful Scripture verses, a thought for the day based upon the subject matter and a prayer to bring to God. This book will strengthen your faith and encourage you in your pursuit of stepfamily success.

*Worthy Inspired provided the advance copy of this book, however no compensation was received. The opinions contained in this book review are those of the blogger, Gara Hoke Lacy.

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