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We survived!

Ladies, we are now post Mother's Day and Stepmother's Day! If you're active on social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, you know that we've been talking about these two holidays. How do you feel about these holidays? Do you feel pressure? Does the fact that there is a Stepmother's Day take away some of the pressure and anxiety?

Our stepfamily always celebrates on Mother's Day. Given that my stepchildren's mother lives in the same town, the kids are able to have breakfast with her and then join us for an afternoon cookout where they get to meet up with my parents as well. It's a nice set-up and I'm most grateful that it works out as well as it does. But I'm aware that this is not the case in some, if not most, families and splitting the day is not an option. Also, I am aware that some families have no intention of celebrating stepmothers on Mother's Day. No two families are the same and no two relationships are the same. Therefore, whatever the situation, I think you must do what works FOR EVERYONE. Whether it be a celebration with the kids, or maybe just spending some time with your spouse, remember that it is just a day. Don't allow a date on the calendar to dictate the goals for your stepfamily. Don't get hung up on the idea of your stepchildren setting a precedent of cards, flowers, massages and bon bons.

The date on the calendar is now gone and will not come again for nearly a year. Don't let what transpired on one day consume you. Keep your eye on the prize!

(Photo above is from my stepson's recent medical school graduation.)

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