Happy New Year!

I’ve been sick with the flu. It seems to be never-ending. So, I’ve spent a great deal of time in bed lately. Ugh. But it has given me some time to catch up on a few books and reflect on all of the things I need to do. (I need to check into new front doors and have the carpets cleaned.) But them I also took the time to reflect on 2016.

#1Became a fan of the Big Bang Theory.

#2 Enjoyed an especially great trip with my husband to the British Isles in May. Highly recommend.

#3 Traveled with some of our crew to Vegas during the heat of the summer. It reached 118 degrees!

#4 Older daughter became engaged.

#5 Younger daughter became pregnant.

#6 Traveled to Savannah, GA with hubby.

#7 Celebrated another anniversary with hubby!

#8 Helped younger daughter buy house.

#9 Watched older daughter get married in Vegas. (Super easy, by the way.)

#10 Cooked for 30 for Thanksgiving. (The norm.)

#11 Did some especially heartwarming pro bono work.

#12 Bought tickets to see Rick Springfield in January.

#13 Almost made it through the holidays without getting sick. (I forgot to get a flu shot. Can easily correct in the year ahead.)

#14 Gifted son with a firearm for Christmas. (God protect us all.)

I’m sure there’s more but it’s time for my second nap of the day.

Thanks for supporting Suddenly Stepmom throughout 2016. I look forward to sharing more with you in 2017.


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