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Bruce Jenner and the Kardashian effect

I don’t talk about the Kardashians often. Okay, ever. Unless of course, it’s to ask myself and anyone who happens to listen to me why the hell these people are famous and why they never seem to have on any clothes.

But the Kardashians are a thing. They are a worldwide phenomenon that started with a sex tape and grew into a multi-million dollar business for Kardashians and Jenners alike.

And that may be a good thing.

Yes, that's right. I’m touting the Kardashians. Hell just froze over.

But what if the platform given this family is able to propel an issue as sidelined as gender dysphoria and transgender discrimination to a place at the kitchen table?

I believe that we have a great big God. Bigger than we are. Bigger than we can imagine. And I believe that the God of all things who created the universe can use the Kardashian clan, their painted faces, their selfie pics, their increasingly gargantuan fandom to alight on this beautiful being, Bruce Jenner, and share with us his story and then, her story.

Yes, I am a person who thinks that God can make the most out of the very least. A family that is self-serving, self-interested and self-promoting, the very essence of what God is not, can teach us a lesson in His name.

God can use any and all of his creations to teach. It's up to us to be willing to be taught. Maybe that is the real test. Not trying to dictate what is going on in the world, but instead opening our hearts and minds and souls to allow God to speak to us in unexpected ways.

Thus far, we have seen a tortured soul, battered by years of being that which he was not in the name of fear and shame, being loved and supported and uplifted by a collective of family and friends who have determined to turn their backs on small-mindedness and loathing and instead turn toward courage, devotion and steadfastness.

When viewed through the lens of Christ, and ultimately, that of love, I believe that the Kardashians are getting it right. At a time of what could be profound sorrow, anger and even regret, they are reaching out and being a lifeline for not just one of God’s perfectly created humans, but for many the world over that may be affected by the story of one broken man.

The day has finally come when the Kardashians actually may have earned the gold that has been laid at their feet for years.

They may all just teach us a thing or two about love. Because that’s the kind of God we serve.

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