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In the past, I have shared on my blog about the importance of stepmom mentors. Let me share with you a story about mine.

My friend divorced her first husband when her two sons left for college nearly 30 years ago. She later remarried but was widowed. Her two sons, with whom she has close relationships, both live out of state. This Christmas, she and her younger son were invited to join her older son and his family for their holiday celebration. She gladly accepted and looked forward to the gathering.

However, her elder son called her just days before she was scheduled to drive up to visit. He informed her that his father, her ex-husband, had called and invited himself up for Christmas as he and his wife had decided to visit his children instead of hers this year.

Not a good start to the holiday.

What makes this scenario even more intriquing is that my friend was staying in her son's home and her ex-husband invited himself to do the same.

And so it was. Christmas with her ex-husband and his wife. In this same house.

How in the world did she have the steel to take on that situation?, I asked.

Her reply: It wasn't easy but it was for my kids.

Before her elder son had even finished sharing the news of his father's plans with her she could hear the gratitiude in his voice. He knew that she would go and make the best of it. And she did. With aplomb.

In fact, she took a Christmas gift for them. Oh yes, she did.

She is just that kind of person. This is why I have her on speed dial.

We need people like this in our lives. We need people to inspire us and to teach us. We need to people to tell us and to show us that we can do hard things.

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