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Being Thankful As a Stepmom

As the holidays approach we find ourselves reflecting on what we are thankful for. (At least I do, and I can't be the only one right? I mean it’s pretty cliche this time of year.) I wonder if that looks different for stepmoms but only for a moment because I really don't think it is.

Here are 5 things I'm thankful for:

  • A healthy family.

  • My husband who takes care of me and our family.

  • My hilarious stepson who always keeps me on my toes.

  • Our jobs. In a time when so many families are struggling I'm thankful my hubby and I have jobs to go each day.

  • My God who has provided all of this for us.

I know as stepmoms we have unique struggles but we also have so much to be grateful for. This time of year when the holiday stress really starts to take its toll it's important to remember all that we do have to be thankful for.

So I challenge you to make your own list of what you're thankful for and take a look at it whenever this holiday season – or stepmotherhood – seems like it's just too much.

--Lisa Michele


*Lisa is a stepmom, wife, blogger, coffee lover, and daughter of the King. Visit her at where she writes about discovering the love and joy in (step)motherhood. She'd love to chat with you so please say “hi” on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest (all @beingstepmom).

ABOUT BEING STEPMOM: Over the years, I have searched for resources for stepmoms and most of what I found was about how difficult being a stepparent is. And, yes, it is hard, but being a parent is hard. What about all the good things about being a stepparent? The joy of watching this little person grow and learn, and even though you didn’t give birth to this child you see yourself reflected in them everyday. I love being a stepmom. I want to share my story and for Being Stepmom to be a place of encouragement for all mommies.

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