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My Stepdaughter is Getting Married!

My stepdaughter is getting married. My stepdaughter is getting married. My stepdaugher is getting married.

I think that if I say it enough times, maybe I’ll believe it. And then maybe I’ll believe that I’m old enough to have a child who is getting married.

The first time I met her, she had a broken arm, a missing front tooth and tears streaming down her 14-year old face. She had lost control of a bicycle while hanging out at a friend’s house and plowed face-first into a parked car.

Our first family dinner together, I spent the evening cutting her steak. After all, there’s not much that she could accomplish with a broken arm.

I introduced her to tights and the smoky eye. I loaned her my clothes. I listened to boyfriend woes. I encouraged her to study law.

And one day last month in Paris, she became engaged.

So now we will plan a wedding, a celebration of love and a future together. Another experience to share in our stepfamily life.

Congratulations Kate and Drew!


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