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Please help with my Father's Day quandary!

Father's Day is coming up. How involved should I be in helping my stepchildren to pick out a gift for their dad, my husband? I think that depends upon the relationship with your stepchildren. Often, they will look to you for guidance. That's a great bonding opportunity for you and the kids. However, if not, do not feel offended. This is their opportunity to express their love for dad. Hang back and enjoy the day with the man you love! But keep in mind that kids are not always in touch with dates on the calendar. They may need a gentle reminder that the day is approaching. If younger kids are involved, perhaps you can suggest going to the card store and helping them choose a card. If they are older, maybe you can all enjoy making a big family dinner together. Whatever the "gift" may be, keep the focus on dad. I suspect the less conflict, the better his day will be. Good luck!

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