25 Things to Know About Me!


1. I love cakes and doughnuts! And any kind of fruit.

2. My first concert was Rick Springfield.

3. I am usually reading three books at a time.

4. I wish I could garden.

5. Piloxing is my fave workout right now.

6. I don't like decorating for Christmas.

7. I bank online but I still balance my checkbooks.

8. Big fan of House of Cards.

9. I could live without chocolate and alcohol.

10. I could pass on winter altogether.

11. I have a two-story bedroom and the second story is now a closet.

12. To fall asleep, I must have on socks. Even on planes.

13. My mom and my hubby are my best friends.

14. I cannot live without Burt's Bees lip balm.

15. Currently, I have no pets.

16. My perfect vacation destination is London, England.

17. I've just started using essential oils.

18. I have multiple sleep masks and sets of earplugs.

19. I relax by looking at catalogs and magazines.

20. My New Year's resolution--to read the Bible in one year. (Still working on it!)

21. My youngest stepchild will graduate from college in May.

22. I will watch anything on HGTV. However, my preference is House Hunters International.

23. I hate going to the dentist more than going to the gynecologist.

24. I eat things I don't especially like just to be healthy.

25. I do crosswords with a pen.


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