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New Year's Resolutions

It is estimated that the average American gives up his/her New Year’s resolutions by January 13. Sounds about right to me? But if you are one of the many, especially moms and/or step moms, who resolve to get organized this year, here are a few good tips.

1. Go through closets and drawers and pull out the things that do not fit, have not been worn in a year or are from another decade. Donate to Goodwill, the Salvation Army or a local clothes bank.

2. Sort mail immediately to avoid the clutter that piles up. in fact, sort near the waste can. If it needs action, place in an “ACTION” bin. Does it need to be filed? (Bank statements, tax documents…) FILE. Otherwise, toss or shred.

3. Pay bills online. Most banks have options for paying bills online which leads to less clutter.

4. Keep backpacks and school supplies in one area to ease getting ready in the morning.

5. Give each person in your home a shower caddy so you can keep everyone’s things organized and can easily see what is needed for each person on your next trip to the market.

Even if you choose to follow one of the above tips, you may discover a little more organization and a lot less clutter in your home. And that’s a resolution that keeps on giving!

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