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On September 15, my husband and I celebrated our anniversary. Congratulations to us! In a society where remarriages with stepchildren are the norm, statistics state that 60-80% of remarriages end in divorce. What does this mean for those of us in stepfamilies? It means that the odds are against us. However, we have the power to make the difference. Commitment to the marriage and an effort to make the stepfamily a success can go a long way. Are you using the available tools to ensure your stepfamily’s success? Visit websites and blogs, attend seminars and seek counseling, if necessary. Perhaps there is a support group for stepparents in your community, or if not, perhaps you could start one yourself. Know that you are not alone. Stepparents the world over are connecting via the world wide web, encouraging and supporting one another in their roles. And another thing, celebrate victories, even small victories! While ANOTHER anniversary may not be a big deal to some people, I assure you, it is. Be thankful for the love you share with your spouse and the children that you have been given the opportunity to impact.

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